SUBURBAN Workshop is a full-day programme that addresses how the subsurface planning can enhance the value of the environment above ground and contribute for a sustainable and resilient city development. This purpose requires a careful planning and coordination between all the different functions and activities in the public space.

The contribution of the subsurface to making our cities sustainable and resilient is significant but mostly unknown. SubUrban Workshop contributes to connecting the different networks in order to transform the relationship between underground experts and those who should benefit from this knowledge such as urban planners, engineers, policy makers and the public.

On the first day (3rd November), besides attending appealing presentations the audience will have the opportunity to know more about the toolbox that Cost Action SubUrban TU1206 has developed http://sub-urban.squarespace.com and how it can help to identify opportunities, good practices and issues concerning the use of subsurface data. All the participants will have the opportunity to participate in one of the three available workshops : i) How to apply subsurface technology in urban planning and design, ii)Techniques of data acquisition and monitoring of the underground, and iii) Groundwater resilience in the face of climate changes: strategies and challenges

The day is designed for urban planners, geologists, subsurface specialists, water experts, architects, engineers, project developers, policy makers but also for interested residents; in short, for anyone who has to deal with the subsurface.

On the 4th November you will have the opportunity to participate in a guided visit to the Geomonuments of Lisbon.