Thursday – 3 of November de 2016

09h00Reception of the participants

09h15Welcome | Deputy Mayor Manuel Salgado | Municipality of Lisbon

09h30 – The subsurface, the engine room of the city as part of spatial design in Europe |Fransje Hooimeijer |TUDelft: Delft University of Technology (Cost Action TU1206 member)

10h00 – The role of Geology for the cities of the Future| Mário Machado Leite | Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia

10h30 – Coffee-break

10h45 – The role of the international campaign “Making Cities Resilient 2010-2020 (UNISDR)” for disaster risk reduction at a local scale | Luis Carvalho|  Municipality of Amadora

11h15 –  Lisbon approach aiming the subsurface integration in sustainable development | Cláudia Pinto|  Municipality of Lisbon

11h45 – The COST SUB-URBAN Toolbox: products and good practices that connect decision makers and urban planners with subsurface specialists| Ignace van Campenhout | City of Rotterdam (Cost Action TU1206 member)

12h30 –LUNCH (1h30)


  1. How to apply subsurface technology in urban planning and design |Fransje Hooimeijer, TUDelft: Delft University of Thecnology ( Cost Action TU1206 member) | António Miranda, CML| Hugo Rodrigues, IPL | Alexandre Pinto , IST | Ignace van Campenhout, City of Rotterdam (Cost Action TU1206 member) | Luís Ruivo, CML
  2. Techniques of data aquisition and monitoring of the underground | Ana Falcão, IST | Luisa Gonçalves, IPL  ( Cost Action TU1206 member)
  3. Groundwater resilience in the face of climate change: strategies and challenges |Luís Ribeiro, IST | Cláudia Pinto, CML

16h45 – Coffee-break

17h00 – Conclusions and Next steps on the road to further integration and cooperation|Ignace van Campenhout | City of Rotterdam (Cost Action TU1206 member)

17h15 – Closing | Paulo Pais |  Câmara Municipal de Lisboa